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Digital Identity Solution for Whitelisting, Verification & Trust.

TRUiD aligns decentralised digital identity technology with real customer problems to create a network of users, partners and applications that enhance workflow and efficiency.

Control your digital identity and access a world of benefits...

TRUiD’s underlying identity infrastructure is built through our partnerships with industry leading identity providers allowing for progressive decentralisation of digital identities and data that forms the core for user profile creation, management and authorisation through the TRUiD User Hub.







TRUiD is solving the whitelisting problem...

TRUiD’s go to market application, the TRUiD Launch Assistant, provides a single solution for IDO whitelisting; improving efficiency, increasing transparency and enhancing data security through verification, automation and analytics. Projects, Launchpads and investors now have access to a single platform that meets all their IDO and whitelisting needs.

There remains a duplication of effort for projects, launchpads and investors in completing the whitelisting process for each new IDO.
There is currently no standardised process for filtering BOTS and verifying users during the whitelisting process.
Projects and Launchpads are unable to demonstrate fairness in the whitelisting process damaging investor sentiment.
Data Security
Investors are required to repeatedly share their personal information with little control over how this data is handled. Project and Launchpads therefore remain liable.
  • Multi-use decentralised profile.
  • Self-sovereign KYC.
  • Integrated 3rd party social proofs.
  • A single whitelisting platform.
  • Automated data processing.
  • Trust-through-code.
  • Capture data that matters.
  • Track performance.
  • Monitor investor behavior.

Our Go to Market Products

TRUiD User Hub
TRUiD Launch Assistant

The Benefits

Value for each key stakeholder...


Projects are no longer required to allocate significant time and resource towards filtering bots and completing laborious data processing tasks at such a crucial time in the project journey.


Investors regain control of their identity and data and are no longer required to pass on sensitive personal information to third parties due to TRUiD’s decentralised KYC solution.


Launchpads can now provide transparency and ensure the whitelisting process is conducted fairly, in a compliant manner and with the assurance that user data is not being compromised.

A market leading trust platform...

A trust platform is only as valuable as it’s userbase.
TRUiD’s Launch Assistant is the key to onboarding millions of users.
TRUiD will be at the forefront of decentralised iD solutions as it tackles wider use cases.


The TRUiD token will be an integral part of the TRUiD ecosystem required to compute and process KYC checks, ID verifications and as payment for TRUiD services.


Pooling the TRUiD token will provide access to a world of benefits through our partner integrations; from receiving allocation to IDO Public sales to reducing the collateral for DeFi loans, the benefits are endless.


Earn TRUiD tokens as a reward when third party applications and partners request verification of your identity and data.

Use TRUiD token to access a world of benefits...

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The Roadmap

The Team

TRUiD’s Co-founders have over 15 years combined experience working for enterprise clients, educating industry and government on blockchain technology and crypto fund management. TRUiD’s core development team, advisor panel and partners have been carefully selected as experts in the field with a history of delivering blockchain projects relating to decentralised identity and KYC technology.

Aqib Tabassum

CEO & Co-Founder
Technology & Innovation

Ali Khan

COO & Co-Founder
Business & Strategy


Eduardo Moreira

Development Lead

Jesus Martinez

Full Stack Developer
& Smart Contracts

Jhonatan Hernandez

Full Stack Developer & Identity Infrastructure


David Atkinson

Technical Advisor

David Meister

DiD Advisor

Rachid Ajaja

Strategic Advisor
Alliance Block



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